Stephanie Walshe Star Planners AstrologyAbout Stephanie Walshe

Stephanie has two grown up sons with her long-term partner and soul mate, Peter. She has spent most of her career in the business arena helping companies and organisations of all sizes succeed in highly competitive environments in both the corporate, private and educational sectors. Alongside her work as a marketing strategist she has gained a deep understanding and knowledge of astrology spanning several years.

What Star Planners Astrology Does:

Stephanie now focuses 100% of her time helping people and organisations understand how they tick and how they too can maximise their relationships in both their personal lives and in their businesses. Stephanie has received some wonderful testimonials from her clients all over the world because she builds such great relationships with them.

Astrology is a Misunderstood Ancient Science:

Star Planners Astrology LogoStephanie gathers information from your personal astrological energies and translates it into a personalised blueprint that is completely unique to YOU.

This will give you:

  • real access to your 3 main zodiac energies and planetary influences
  • an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your inner self
  • your own personal blueprint that you can use to help you with real life decisions!

Do you want to know how to connect with astrology for personal progression?

Career Blueprint Star Planners Astrology


Do you want to know how to apply your

talents to your business career?



Corporate Blueprint


Do you own a business and need help in

building/identifying your business team’s energies


I Can Teach You What I Know…

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