Inside Out – An Evening of Self Discovery

Thank you to all those who attended this exciting event on Wednesday 16th September. It was a huge success with nigh on maximum turn out with people travelling from Cornwall, Plymouth and Mid Devon to be there.

My presentation gave an introduction to Pragmatic Astrology; the essential birth data I need to disclose the most important astrological energies that are bespoke to each individual, together with influencing planets and elements. Each astrological energy was then explored much to the delight of everyone there.

With a good dose of humour and some practical advice along the way, the evening was fun, informative and illuminating and embraced every member of the audience.

Here are just a few testimonials from those who attended:

“A fabulous thought provoking evening. Stephanie produced an extremely entertaining, informative event. Delivered in a knowledgeable and understanding way. Well done Stephanie I look forward to your future events.” LB

“Absolutely fantastic evening. Sorry if I was mildly jaded from my afternoon rushing to and from Cornwall, but I did find the whole evening fascinating and hugely informative – thank you” AP

“Beautifully presented detailed information Stephanie. So glad you asked me to get my time of birth dowsed when I said I was unsure – finally I have an ascendant which fits!” CT

“Fab evening yesterday learning all about Pragmatic Astrology with Stephanie Walshe lots of tips on the important things to focus on – mine’s “Discipline your over-active mind!!” – that’s the Gemini in me!!” JS

“I just got back from Stephanie’s amazing talk – absolutely brilliant, a real revelation – honestly, everyone should go to this! Now I know why the horoscopes in the magazines are so inaccurate! And why there are often two or three horoscopes that could equally apply to you, or part of them! I even feel more understanding of other people’s foibles.” CAW

“Congratulations on your event tonight, you were amazing!” LLB

Stephanie Walshe Star Planners Astrology

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