appatsPragmatic Astrology Paintings 

Commissioned by Stephanie Walshe, Star Planners Astrology

Artist: Catherine Archer-Wills

Saturday 17th September 2016 1pm for 1:30pm

Oak Room Gallery & Cafe, St Peters Street,

Tiverton EX16 6NU (nearest Car Park: Phoenix Lane)



I dared to dream – having spent 17 years studying and practicing Pragmatic Astrology, Stephanie Walshe dreamt of creating powerful interpretations of her work through original art. Now, through the creative brilliance of artist

Cat Archer-Wills, Stephanie is able to bring a modern, fresh twist to the ancient science of astrology through her dynamic vision of each zodiac sign and Cat’s sympathetic interpretation of that vision portrayed in a complete series of twelve original oil paintings.

Small section of actual painting shown as teaser

Join Stephanie Walshe and Cat Archer-Wills for an afternoon of artistic discovery and enlightenment bringing astrology into the 21st century for all to enjoy. This is a unique occasion – don’t miss it!

Tickets are £5 each, the value of which can be used against any Star Planners Astrology purchase.

Prints of the paintings will be available for sale on the day.

Tickets also available here: