How Can Astrology Help ME?

Star Planners Astrology LogoThis is a question I asked myself several years ago when my youngest child was four years old and I thought he was a little alien on Earth!

I was at my wit’s end trying to understand what made him tick and having tried ‘traditional routes’ to no avail, in desperation I went to an astrological counsellor to ask about my son’s horoscope.

I found I had to take some time to translate his information from ‘astro-speak’ into plain English, but after I had done this everything became crystal clear and it was the turning point in my relationship with my son!

What is Star Planners Astrology? 

I offer clarity, understanding and recognition of what really makes each of us tick in a fun, humorous and modern way, through my unforgettable eventsone-to-one consultations and Star Planner Books.


I demystify astrology and explode the myths and perceptions attached to this ancient science making it accessible to every one of us. 


Astrological Energies

Child Star Planners

“Every child that comes into this world has hopes, needs and aspirations, no matter what environment they have been born into. These dreams need to be cherished, their needs understood. What better gift can parents give than to assist each of their children to shine brightly and to help them achieve their most heartfelt dreams? It is within our power to do so if we choose, and in so doing to carve out a brighter, more harmonious future for all generations to come.” Stephanie Walshe ‘100 Words of Wisdom’   Child Star Planners Star Planners Astrology

Find out how Star Planners Astrology helps parents to better understand and communicate with each of their unique children with Child Star Planners… 

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Why Doesn’t Your Sun Sign Give you the Full Picture?

Most people love reading their horoscope: some take it seriously whereas others view it as harmless fun. However, these snippets of information are only scratching the surface…

Star Planners Astrology Helps You Unlock Your True Potential Looking at Every Aspect of Your Astrological Blue Print, including your sun, moon and ascendant energies…

Imagine a car with 3 cylinders which is only firing off one – this is normally the extent of our limited understanding of the zodiac – our Sun Sign (or Star Sign as shown in the papers).

Things start to make a great deal more sense when you know your Moon and Ascendant signs as well! Find out more >