What Are Your Astrological Elements?

Each Star Sign is associated with Astrological Elements, each with its own special characteristics…

The Element of Fire Astrological EnergyFire – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

You have warmth, passion and creativity by the bucket load! You exude natural confidence, expressing things from the heart with great optimism. You are eternally youthful in your outlook on life, ready for excitement and surprise. Anything is possible when you have the Element of Fire influencing your zodiac sign. You are known to be self-centred and insensitive but there is a good reason for this: 



Aries | 21st March – 20th April

21st March – 20th April

The first sign of the zodiac and the first Fire sign. Always in front, never behind!

This is a highly competitive sign, a warrior, always competing to survive and thrive. You want to be leaders in all that you do. Competing and winning is of paramount importance to you. You are self-expressive and will have an energetic disposition with a lively and extrovert personality. Your ardour for life must never be dampened by others. You are like the eternal child with a direct and simple approach to life but you need to be very careful not to exhaust yourself and burn your batteries out without recharging them regularly.


Leo | Dates

22nd July – 21st August

The second Fire sign. You glow from the heart like your ruling planet, the Sun!

You are noble and love to be the centre of attention. Your energy is boundless and you display an air of authority, shining brightly at everything you do. You believe it is your birthright to be noticed and appreciated wherever you go. You are generous to a fault and very warm hearted. You will like to spread the sunshine all around you and you are great fun to be around. You can also be exhausting to those more timid than you! Even if you are a shy Leo, to deliver your best qualities you will need an audience around you.



21st November – 21st December

The third Fire sign. Aiming high with a lucky streak!

You have a hunger for life and all its experiences and will throw yourself into whatever takes your fancy with real enthusiasm. You aspire to becoming the biggest and the best with great charm and good fortune. Your zest for life and warmth are highly infectious and you will always know where the best party is as you aspire to become one of the ‘glamorous people’ in life! You find it difficult to be restricted in any way and will always want to be travelling to new horizons, either mentally or physically.

The Element of Earth Astrological EnergyEarth – Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

You are very practical and ‘down to earth’, productive, supportive and patient. You are the type of person to have around when the reality of life needs to be considered. You are very much in touch with your senses and have a deep connection with nature. You have great discipline and develop your skills over time: 



21st April – 21st May

The first Earth sign. Your feet are very firmly on the ground, like your symbol, the bull, and you will never go any faster than you need to!

You love the physical pleasures of life and have highly tuned bodily senses. Food and massage are terribly important to you. You need stability and confidence in your own skills which you will take time to master. You like to acquire possessions to reflect success. You are possessive of people and objects and not brilliant at sharing. You will choose the peaceful option in life and have an affectionate and peace loving disposition.



 22nd August – 23rd September

The second Earth sign. You were born with a very wise head on your shoulders and you instinctively know that wisdom is gained through experience!

You are a perfectionist, spending time doing things the right way, noticing details that others would find unimportant. You are precise and discriminating and demand that things are done properly. You desire to be of service to others and you are highly productive. You are completely in tune with your body and have extremely sensitive systems. You believe that potentials should be used and not wasted and everything you do is to the best of your ability.



22nd December – 20th January

The third Earth sign. The pragmatist and realist of the zodiac!

You instinctively know about the boundaries and limitations that life always imposes for the betterment of mankind. You have the ability to manage your energy with long term stamina enabling you to endure your climb to the top of your mountain with grace and wisdom. You believe that if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

The Element of Air Astrological EnergyAir – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

You are idealistic and progressive with a broad perspective of life from your aerial view! You are hugely concerned with justice and humanity and will constantly look for peace and harmony and the civilised view point. You are considered a bit cool and detached but there is a good reason for this: 



22nd May – 21st June

The first Air sign and the sign of the Twins. Never two minds alike!

You adapt very easily to your environment, changing your colours, like that of a chameleon, to suit the social conditions around you. You are interested in everyone and everything around you, flitting from one thing to another like a colourful butterfly to feed your insatiable appetite for knowledge and communication. You have a delicate and finely tuned nature and are extremely sensitive to your duality. You thrive on change but your over-active mind needs channelling in order to make full use of your restless and inquisitive mind.



24th September – 21st October

The second Air sign . Representing harmony and balance – the charmer and seducer of the zodiac!

You are preoccupied with the art of ‘right relationship’ and will hate anything that upsets the applecart or disrupts your acute sense of balance. You are a peacemaker and a diplomat preferring keeping things at arm’s length rather than being involved in the messy nitty gritty. You are a good strategist and great debater. You are idealistic and romantic and you abhor coarseness and the ugly reality of life!



21st January – 20th February

The third Air sign. The humanitarian of the zodiac with an eccentric, progressive and inventive energy!

Known for being unpredictable with controlled emotions, you truly are a free spirit who is not afraid of breaking a few rules and stubbornly resisting routine. You are artistic with social, political and environmental interests, constantly seeking to improve the lot of mankind. You are great in groups and really gifted in taking something that’s already established and modifying it into something new. You have a strong sense of your own individuality with a quick and clever intellect.

Water – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

The Element of Water Astrological EnergyYou look to the mysteries and hidden depths of life. You are highly emotional, imaginative, vulnerable and instinctual. You are in touch with the complexities of life and are intuitive rather than logical. You have great understanding of the underlying motives behind people’s actions. You find it difficult to create boundaries because you absorb people’s pain as if it is yours: 



22nd May – 21st July

The first Water sign and the sign of the Crab. Connected to the magical secrets of life.

You are emotionally vulnerable and extremely sensitive and because of this you seek emotional wellbeing and emotional safety as an absolute priority. You have a mystical and reflective energy with a complex and fluctuating temperament. You are intuitive and have a creative imagination. You will need to crawl under your rock or inside your shell on occasion and will go deep into the depths of your feelings to drawer on your own wisdom to deal with the complexities of life.



22nd October – 20th November

The second Water sign. Known for being an intense, secretive, private, passionate, mysterious and dramatic energy!

You instinctively know about the deep undercurrents of life and you display great emotional courage and conviction in your dealings with others. You have X-ray vision when it comes to understanding the human psyche. You require complete honesty in your relations with others and although you want to know everything about them, you guard your own privacy very tightly!



21st February – 20th March

The last sign of the zodiac and the third Water sign. The dreamer and the psychic of the zodiac!

You have a very impressionable and imaginative temperament and find the world rather hard and cruel for your sensitivities. You soak up moods and atmospheres in the environment with your highly tuned antennae which others will be blissfully unaware of, adopting other people’s pain as if it were your own and because of this you might be slightly wobbly about your own unique identity. You need to digest your day and recharge your batteries in your own peaceful place. As the last sign of the zodiac you are used to clearing up other people’s mess!