There Are Three Main Astrological Energies:

Your Astrological Energies combine the Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and the Planets that influence your zodiac signs at the time of your birth, in particular in which signs your Moon, Sun and Ascendant were placed when you entered the World, e.g. Moon in Aries, Sun in Gemini, Ascendant in Cancer.

Pragmatic Astrology is different to the horoscopes you read in the tabloids. It’s astrology without the Woo Woo and ‘Astro’ speak. It is not reliant on psychic powers or the super natural. It is based on observations and cyclical patterns that have been recorded over thousands of years.

I translate astrological information into easy to understand, extremely useful pieces of information with practical advice, in bite size chunks, to help people discover their full potential, i.e. their astrological DNA.



The Sun represents what we are here to achieve in our life-time…


SUN Energy

The Sun represents what we are trying to become. It is connected to our will and to our sense of personal identity and creative expression – what we are here to achieve in our life time.





The Moon is connected to our basic survival instincts…


Moon Astrological Energy

The Moon is connected to our basic survival instincts and how we express our immediate needs, feelings and emotions. It symbolises how we nurture and protect ourselves and is exceptionally important to our well-being.



The Ascendant represents our ‘public face’…


Ascendant Astrological Energy

The Ascendant represents the approach we need to take on our journey through life. It determines how other people experience us and how we may best project ourselves in to the world – our ‘public face’.



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