You are also ruled by planets…

Your ruling planets and your elements are part of your astrological blueprint.

Pragmatic Astrology is different to the horoscopes you read in the tabloids. It’s astrology without the Woo Woo and ‘Astro’ speak. It is not reliant on psychic powers or the super natural. It is based on observations and cyclical patterns that have been recorded over thousands of years.

I translate astrological information into easy to understand, extremely useful pieces of information with practical advice, in bite size chunks, to help people discover their full potential, i.e. their astrological DNA.

What Are Your Ruling Planets?

Mercury: Gemini and Virgo


 Venus: Taurus and Libra


Mars: Aries and Co Ruler of Scorpio


Jupiter: Sagittarius and Co Ruler of Pisces

Saturn: Capricorn and Co Ruler Aquarius


Uranus: Co ruler Aquarius | Neptune: Co ruler Pisces


 Pluto: Co ruler Scorpio |   Moon: Cancer


Sun: Leo

Leo - Fire Zodiac Sign

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