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July 2019
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The Sun Arrives in Leo Today!

The Sun Arrives in Leo Today! As the Sun enters the sign of Leo today 22nd July, so we feel the real, masculine energy of the Sun which rules this sign. When I think about Leo, which is the second of the Fire signs, the words Power, Constancy and Fire of the Heart...

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The Full Thunder Moon Arrives

The Full Thunder Moon arrives in our skies in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn together with a partial Lunar Eclipse on 16th July. Also known as the Buck Moon, the Full Thunder Moon is named after the thunderstorms that generally arrive in the month of July. The Full...

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Look After Yourself with Chiron!

Look After Yourself with Chiron! This week the Comet Chiron went retrograde in Aries and will continue in retrograde until early December. Chiron is symbolised by the Healer and Teacher – it covers all aspects of wellness and completeness, mending things which have...

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Mercury Is Retrograde in Leo

Mercury Is Retrograde in Leo, today 7th July and stays retrograde until Thursday 1st August. So what should we expect? Well, one of the things you need to do is to reflect on what you want to put in place to make the communication of your creativity as practical as...

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Hear the Mars Warrior Roar!

Hear the Mars Warrior Roar! The fiery planet Mars appears in the zodiac sign Leo on Tuesday, 2nd July. Mars has all the energy of the Warrior. It is assertive, courageous and dynamic with a forceful, competitive and honest influence, shaping our individuality and...

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Cancer Energy Amplified!

Cancer Energy Amplified! There is a New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday 2nd July at the same time that there is a Total Eclipse of the Sun in the same Zodiac sign, swiftly followed by Venus entering the sign of Cancer on Wednesday 3rd July. When there is a New Moon and a...

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Merchandise, gifts & Goodies

Along my own personal journey, I have met some wonderfully talented and gifted people who have helped me turn my dreams into reality, in particular Cat Archer-Wills who is responsible for the stunning zodiac sign artwork that you see throughout the site and the very talented silversmith Vicki Reed who has helped me design some beautiful jewellery with incredible healing powers, all of which you can purchase here for someone special. Child and Teenage Star Planner Keepsake Books make totally unique gifts too.