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March 2019
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WOW! Today is full of Wonderfulness!

WOW! Today is full of Wonderfulness! Just like waiting for a bus, nothing comes along and then 3 turn up all at the same time! No. 1 on my list today is that the fiery, creative, hot tempered and passionate first sign of the zodiac – ARIES – takes centre stage this...

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It’s All About the Money!

It’s All About the Money! On 6th March, two significant planetary phases will begin – the first one is a global influence and the second one affects us all. Uranus, the progressive, revolutionary planet, which shakes everything up with new thought, disruption and a...

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Mischievous Mercury Goes Retrograde!

Mischievous Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces until 28th March! Key Words: Go with the flow! Mercury goes retrograde on 5th March until 28th. Whenever this happens, steal yourself to apply extra patience in your life. Allow yourself more time to travel and don’t rush...

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Full Super Moon in Virgo

The Full Super Moon arrives in Virgo tonight! Whilst the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Pisces at the moment, the Full Super Moon, which arrives in our skies this evening, is in the opposite sign of Virgo. For those of us with clear skies, you will see the strength of...

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Compassionate, Romantic & Highly Creative

Compassionate, Romantic & Highly Creative – It must be PISCES Time! This week the Sun enters the mystical, illusionary and unfathomable zodiac sign Pisces. This is the sign of the Dreamer of Dreams and is as boundless as the ocean, always looking to escape...

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Sun Enters Aquarius!

The Sun enters Aquarius on 20th January and as I write this Blog I am watching a film of the last flight of Concorde which reflects everything about the Aquarius energy – innovation, out of this world dynamic, spearheading change, revolutionary and life changing! I...

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Merchandise, gifts & Goodies

Along my own personal journey, I have met some wonderfully talented and gifted people who have helped me turn my dreams into reality, in particular Cat Archer-Wills who is responsible for the stunning zodiac sign artwork that you see throughout the site and the very talented silversmith Vicki Reed who has helped me design some beautiful jewellery with incredible healing powers, all of which you can purchase here for someone special. Child and Teenage Star Planner Keepsake Books make totally unique gifts too.