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May 2019
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It must be Gemini time!

Youthful, Cultured and an Excellent Communicator – It must be Gemini time! On 21st May, the Sun enters the civilised and clear sighted zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac circle and the first of the Air signs. Here we meet the detached,...

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Intense Scorpio Full Moon

Get ready for an Intense Scorpio Full Moon! If you’ve been aware of how brilliant the Moon looks at the moment, get prepared for a really intense Full Moon on Saturday night, 18th May, in the passionate, fearless and possessive Zodiac Sign of Scorpio. The Full Moon...

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Warrior Mars enters Caring Cancer

The Warrior Mars enters Caring Cancer. Today, 16th May, the planet Mars which, in Pragmatic Astrology, represents Assertion, Courage and Forcefulness enters the Reflective, Highly Sensitive, Vulnerable and Nurturing sign of Cancer. Mars represents Courage. It is a...

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Venus Gets Touchy-Feely!

On Wednesday, 15th May, Venus Gets Touchy-Feely! Venus, the Planet of Harmony, Diplomacy, Balanced Energy and Relationships enters the very sensual Zodiac Sign that it rules – Taurus – and stays there for the next three and a half weeks. Venus Gets Touchy-Feely and...

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The Royal Baby has Arrived!

The Royal Baby has Arrived! A beautiful baby boy was born to their Royal Highnesses Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, yesterday the 6th May at 05:26 am. Time to get to know this handsome new arrival… The Royal Baby has Arrived! The new baby Sussex has...

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Merchandise, gifts & Goodies

Along my own personal journey, I have met some wonderfully talented and gifted people who have helped me turn my dreams into reality, in particular Cat Archer-Wills who is responsible for the stunning zodiac sign artwork that you see throughout the site and the very talented silversmith Vicki Reed who has helped me design some beautiful jewellery with incredible healing powers, all of which you can purchase here for someone special. Child and Teenage Star Planner Keepsake Books make totally unique gifts too.